Client Kirkland Arts Center
Project Kirkland Arts Center is an organization founded in 1962 dedicated to providing artists and citizens with opportunities in the visual arts. Recently, they developed a strategic plan that projects into the next 5 years. It established their mission, vision, legacy and foundational pillars moving forward. It also outlines programs and initiatives over the next several years. The challenge was to create a document that presents the content of this plan in a way that is direct, clear, informative and professional while not losing site of the fact that they are a visual arts organization. The solution was to employ a minimal approach to the content layout. Using text as a compositional element combined with a limited color palette and only a handful of reoccurring graphic elements the foundation of the design is very architectural and ordered. The energy of the design comes from the contrast created by the loose, random, fluid brush lines found throughout. A very distinctive nod to the messy act of creativity.
Product Multi-page document, One-sheet, Power Point template